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Private Mentoring

Are you ...

  • an Instructional Coach and wondering how to help teachers integrate technology-rich learning experiences for their students but not really sure where to start?  
  • a classroom teacher that has a question about how to integrate technology in the classroom in meaningful ways or you’re wanting some advice and/or support to do a collaborative global project with your students? 
  • wanting support, guidance & personal mentoring to work on a specific goal or personal growth in a particular area?

You've come to the right place!

We have several private mentoring options for you to choose from!


By the Hour 


  • A sounding board session where we can bounce ideas around and/or solidify a plan for moving forward with an idea; or
  • Working through a particular challenge you might be having; brainstorm potential solutions and/or possible things to try; or
  • Specifically answering any questions you have about being a learning coach or becoming a learning coach; or
  • Exploring authentic and meaningful ways of bringing technology into the classroom for your students.


Looking to delve deep into a topic or a particular area? Are you in need of a sounding board or support for achieving a bigger goal?

Short-term coaching sessions are usually 1-3 months. 


  • Designing, planning and implementing a unit(s) of your choice;  
  • Identifying and working on a short-term goal from start to finish.


Our most in-depth coaching session option. Work with your own private coach/mentor for an academic year- long timeframe to really drill down with a goal or to achieve long-term growth in one or more areas. 


  • Identifying and working on a longer-term goal or project from start to finish;  
  • Personalized professional development for you!  


"My mentor talked with me not to me (something that is easy to do especially when one has more experience) about what I was doing and where I wanted things to go. It's perfect for someone who is looking for a change in how to approach and accomplish things in their job or career."

Debra Hernanz
Technology Teacher, Portland, Oregon

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“When I become purposeful and intentional that’s when the magic happens. You’re such a good coach, you are good at listening and you take such good notes. I don’t need to worry about documenting my thinking. I now see all the opportunities in my daily life to practice all the new skills I’m learning. Could I have done this on my own? Sure, but something about working with a coach makes it so practical and relevant. We all have it within us to reach our goals, but until you work with a coach, maybe you haven’t allowed yourself the time or the space to improve yourself. If you’re committed, an hour a week is not complicated and the impact is massive.”

Christina Botbyl
Director of Curriculum, American International School of Kuwait

"Having a mentor is the best professional development I’ve ever done! Having an opportunity to talk weekly with my mentor, Chrissy, was great. I didn’t feel so isolated anymore."

Caitlin North on twitter

Caitlin North

Classroom Teacher, MSD, WA

"It’s the connection piece that I was missing. Having someone outside of your environment who doesn’t bring the bias of the school culture, to have a raw sounding board to bounce ideas off of, you can’t put a price on that."

Nadia Lee Ellis classroom teacher

Nadia Lee Ellis

Classroom Teacher, Vietnam

"I’d recommend Eduro Learning’s private coaching to anyone who’s in a situation of coaching others or anyone who is looking to change their practice."

Adrienne Michetti
MS Digital Literacy Coach, UWCSA

How might we best set our professional learning intentions for a new academic year?

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Short-term Packages

1 Hour (1 session)

1 x 60-minute private mentoring session with the mentor of your choice

$75 value! Buy now & save $$

USD $67

1 Month (4 sessions)

4 x 60-minute sessions of private mentoring with the mentor of your choice

$300 value! Buy now & save $$

USD $247

3 Months (12 sessions)

12 x 60-minute sessions of private mentoring with the mentor of your choice

$900 value! Buy now & save $$

USD $647

Choose Your Mentor & Package

private mentoring with Kim Cofino
private mentoring with Chrissy Hellyer

"I believe the most effective way for teachers to grow is through coaching. Therefore if teachers needs coaches then coaches need coaches too! I became a coach because I experienced first hand the transformative power of coaching on my own teaching practice and my students growth. I’m a brand new coach so when I heard about Kim Cofino & Eduro Learning I jumped at the chance to have her mentor me personally. It’s made all the difference! I’m becoming a better listener, questioner and thinking partner because I see Kim modeling these skills for me weekly. The heart of coaching is support and respect and Kim leads by example. I look forward to our weekly sessions because not only do I gain from having a thinking partner,I get to watch an extraordinary coach in action. I look forward to our weekly sessions!"

Sasha Robbins

Sasha Robbins

Instructional Coach BBS, Kuwait

"Kim helped to unlock aspects of myself that I didn’t know existed. I worked with Kim on my resume, interview prep, conference presentation, and expanding my knowledge about coaching. After every call, I felt so confident and ready to take on anything. The work I did with Kim had a significant impact on me getting selected to present at the NESA Spring Educators Conference and being hired as an Instructional Coach for Literacy next school year. "

Abby Al Bassam on twitter

Abby Al Bassam

American International School of Kuwait

Long-term Packages

6 Months (24 sessions)

24 x 60-minute sessions of private mentoring with the mentor of your choice

$1800 value! Buy now & save $$

USD $997

1 Academic Year (36 sessions)

36 x 60-minute sessions of private mentoring with the mentor of your choice

$2700 value! Buy now & save $$

USD $1697

Choose Your Mentor & Package

private mentoring with Kim Cofino
private mentoring with Chrissy Hellyer


I’m Kim Cofino.

My personal passion is coaching and helping coaches be even better learning coaches than they already are.

Facilitator Kim

I absolutely love supporting teachers in implementing technology-rich learning experiences in their classroom. Another passion is helping you strategize, plan and implement long term professional growth goals. Whatever you need, I can support you!

Facilitator Chrissy

I’m Chrissy Hellyer.

One thing I’m really passionate about is having a connected classroom and leveraging technology to help provide students with authentic deep learning experiences.

Another area I’d love to help you with is blogging with students – whether you’re just getting started with blogging to provide a window into the classroom to using blogs with students as digital portfolios or documentation of student learning, I’d love to talk with you about it.