Is your school a technology-rich learning environment?

Are you regularly fielding questions from parents who are unsure about how technology can support and enhance learning?

Do you need to create an effective learning program to help support parents?

Our Recommended Bundle: Supporting Your Parent Community is for YOU!

We have EVERYTHING you need to design and create a parent learning program with this Recommended Bundle of 3 courses!

Written FOR coaches BY coaches!

Supporting Your Parent Community

What do you get with each course?


Course Video 

Each course has a video created by our course authors highlighting the key themes for your learning.

Key Resources

Key Resources

Highly curated key resources carefully selected by our course authors. PLUS additional curated resources to read or bookmark when you have more time.

Practical action tasks

Practical Task

Practical and relevant action tasks for you to apply your learning within your school context.

Global Community

Private Forum

Private online course forums for reflection, sharing and feedback from a global community of past and present course participants.

Our curated resources are from the top researchers in instructional coaching including Jim Knight, Elena Aguilar, Diane Sweeney, Joellen Killion, Steve Barkley. 



Lifetime Access to all courses (including content updates)

Learn At Your Own Pace

You have *lifetime access to all three courses, so you can go through the content the way it is set out or you can work your way through it all in your own time following a schedule that works for you!

We are educators too so we know how unexpected things can happen and how other things can get in the way of our learning - don't worry we've got you covered!

You can revisit and review the course content any time and from any device. Start and/or finish at a time that is convenient for you. If we update any of the courses, you will automatically see them the next time you log in.

Recommended Bundle: Supporting Your Parent Community

We know that parents are our strongest partners in learning. Helping them understand why and how we are using technology at school is a key element for success in a technology-rich environment, but one that is often overlooked.

How will these three courses help your support the parents in your school community?

Course 1

Explore key resources, strategies and tips that engage a parent community in ongoing conversations and experience about technology for learning that will help them understand why and how we are using technology at school.

Course 1 Engaging Your Parent Community

After completing this course you will be able to:  

  • Identify, understand and address the key concerns that parents have about technology rich learning; and 
  • Identify and select a variety of strategies to support parent learning that will work in your school setting.

Course 2

Examine ways to format effect and engaging parent learning as well as identify the key elements involved in scaffolding learning for parents. 

Course 2 Leading Parent Learning

After completing this course you will be able to:  

  • Identify the key elements for scaffolding learning for parents; and
  • Design and create a long-term parent learning program to help all stakeholders in your school community understand their school’s technology-rich learning environment.

Course 3

Explore the key elements to a successful parent session and how to engage parents in quality conversations. 

Partnering with Parents: Conversations for Deeper Learning

After completing this course you will be able to:  

  • Confidently articulate the purpose of technology-rich learning, at a school-wide level; and
  • Develop successful and positive partnerships with parents to promote technology-rich learning in your school. 
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This is a brand new course that coaches and schools have been asking for! We would love to hear your feedback on the content and feature you here!

The Eduro Team

A Little Something Extra for You!

How can your school support parents in a 1:1 program?

Are you ready to ...

develop successful and positive partnerships with parents to promote technology-rich learning in your school?

design and create a effective, long-term parent learning program? 

engage your parent community in deeper conversations about technology-rich learning?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase this course for two or more people at once?

Yes! We can arrange an invoice payment so that you can purchase for two or more people at one time. This also means we can organize each person with their own separate login details.  

Please use our Group Registration to send us the details so we can get in touch with you to begin the payment & registration process! 

When does the Recommended Bundle of 3 courses start and finish?

It's a completely self-paced online bundle of 3 individual courses. You decide when you start and when you finish!

How many hours should each course take to complete?

We estimate approximately 3-5 hours to complete each course (9 - 15 hours to complete all three). Unlimited access and self-paced allows you to take as little or as long as you want/need to finish!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does *lifetime access sound? As soon as you purchase the recommended bundle you have unlimited access to these three courses (and any updates!) or as long as you like - across any & all devices you own.

Can I buy the courses separately?

Yes, you can! All of the individual courses are available to purchase separately for US$47 each. Head on over to our online store under Courses to find the one(s) you want.

*Subject to Eduro Learning continuing to offer this course.

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