Do you struggle with setting screen time limits with your child?

Is your family having a difficult time managing the many digital devices in your home?

What if you could balance your family's digital life in 6 weeks?


Our #HeyLookUp email series was written just for you! 

As busy parents, we know how challenging it can be to find time to figure out how to make sense of all the technology our children are using. 

#HeyLookUp is a series of 6 emails that will help you balance your family's digital life.

Each email in the series: 

  • Is based on concerns from parents like you!
  • Has easy, fast, practical tips & strategies
  • Includes references to research-based articles  

When you sign up for #HeyLookUp, you'll get the first 3 emails in the series. 

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Weekly email topics:

  • Week 1: How much time online is too much time online?
  • Week 2: Putting Limits on Your Child’s Screen Time
  • Week 3: 3 Habits for Managing our Many Digital Devices
  • Week 4: Staying Safe Online
  • Week 5: Strategies for Managing Social Media with Your Child
  • Week 6: It’s All About the Conversations: Talking to Your Child About Their Digital Life

We know parenting in the digital age is tough! We're here to help.