A community approach to learning

Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy

Education is in a constant state of change.

  • Do you wonder what it might be like to experience online learning from a student perspective?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to other educators around the world?
  • Has your classroom been polarized by social media and bias?
  • Are you looking to gain the skills needed to be successful as an educator in an online or hybrid learning environment?
  • Are you ready to take the next step in leveraging the technology available in your physical or virtual classroom?

Transition from a state of feeling overwhelmed to a state of confidently knowing how and when to enhance learning engagements with technology. The Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL) embraces a community approach to learning that empowers you to adapt and transform your practice in order to positively impact learning for all students.

Join us on a journey to apply practical, research-based approaches to teaching and learning in a stackable certificate program.

COETAIL Online 13

COETAIL Online 13

Stackable Certificate Program

Registration closes February 1, 2021.

COETAIL program begins February 8, 2021.

COETAIL program ends May 15, 2022.

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November 16 to December 13


What do our graduates say? 

Listen as Tara Waudby, an international school administrator and Online 13 Facilitator, shares how the COETAIL program impacted her on a professional and personal level!

Who is COETAIL for?

  • Early Elementary Educators
  • Elementary Educators
  • Middle School Educators
  • High School Educators
  • Pk-12 Educators
  • Librarians
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • School Leaders
  • Instructional/Learning Coaches
  • Edtech Coaches
  • New Educators
  • Experienced Educators
  • Curriculum/Program Leaders

Whatever your job title is, COETAIL is perfect for anyone who supports student learning!

Is COETAIL for you?

Inside Early Childhood 


  • I think that my greatest learning in

COETAIL was not anything specific, but more the type of thinking that has now grown to become a part of who I am as an educator. The way that I see and approach my teaching is different, and the way I reflect on each process feels much more open, creative, and adventurous. There are definitely more exciting things that lie ahead, but now I think I’ve got the right mindset to take it all on, and possibly flip things on their head if necessary. 

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Inside Elementary 


  • My growing PLN has been another great

source of learning for me, and I am in awe of the numerous amazing projects and initiatives taking place by Coetail students and graduates. I also learnt that a paradigm shift is needed in education, and no one educator can make the shift happen on their own. We need to bond together as like-minded educators and work to change pedagogy. 

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Inside Middle School 



  • The greatest learning for me in the whole

process was that the students can have ownership and change your thinking and that is doesn’t matter that you don’t yet know where this is going or what the outcome may be. 

Inside High School 


  • Though initially skeptical,

through COETAIL I learned more about flipped learning and what it can offer. It isn’t just a tool for lecture-based lessons like math or history: it’s a way to tailor resources for students.

Inside Whole School 



  • As I wind down into my final COETAIL

post and final project reflection, I can’t help but think about my own journey as an educator, my increased involvement within a PLN and, the way in which COETAIL has motivated me to solidify my educational passions and amplify my voice to a larger audience.

Inside Leadership



  • COETAIL has the potential to redefine

educational leadership in numerous ways, including promoting ongoing reflection and learning, connection and collaboration, and creating educators who are able to learn, unlearn, and relearn. In other words, helping us to become technologically nimble.

How might student learning be transformed in your classroom?

See how COETAILers implement innovative pedagogy!

Meet our current COETAILers!

COETAIL Online 12

Learning in the COETAIL program is a social endeavor and occurs through a cohort model, instantly giving you access to a new, supportive community focused on student learning.


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Why join our community? 

We gathered a bunch of COETAIL grads to chat about… 

  • Why we chose COETAIL;
  • How we grew professionally;
  • What learning has stayed with us; and
  • How we would respond if someone asked us why they should join the COETAIL community!

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PDF cover: Does it Pass the CARP Test?

  Be the first to receive COETAIL updates AND get one of our most popular digital downloads Does it Pass the CARP Test? FREE!  

Course 2 of the COETAIL Program is all about Literacy in Today's World. Being able to evaluate information resources is one of the vital digital literacy skills needed in today's classroom. Teach your students the CARP test, use our CARP Infographic PLUS printables and get access to a short explanation video with support notes!  

What do our graduates say? 

Listen as Matt McGrady, an art and design educator currently working in Abu Dhabi, shares with Chrissy how COETAIL inspired and supported his journey to become a connected educator. *Originally aired as part of the Eduro Learning Let’s Get Connected Video Series.*

Meet the COETAIL Team

Online 13 Facilitator

Tara Waudby

Tara believes compassion elevates innovation and that peace begins in schools. She is committed to shifting educational paradigms and is co-founder of the Compassion Summit, a global movement committed to building a coalition of compassionate schools. Her additional interests include futuring, positive psychology, fostering mission-driven schools, and using a systems approach to schooling.

A TCK herself, Tara began her teaching career in Phoenix, Arizona before moving into international education where she has spent 20+ years in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Taiwan serving in numerous roles. Tara is a proud graduate of the first Online COETAIL cohort in 2012-13. She also holds an MA in Educational Leadership and an MFA in Poetry. She has volunteered for ISTE as the chair-elect of the Digital Storytelling Network, for NESA as a PDAC member, and for COETAIL as a coach. Currently, she serves as the Head of School of Riffa Views International School and she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Education for Social Justice through the University of San Diego. You can view her portfolio here.

Diana Beabout

After teaching social studies, language arts, and ESL and coaching and mentoring teachers in secondary schools in the United States, she made the move overseas to an international school in China. Her participation in the COETAIL 2012-13 online cohort sparked a new, exciting interest in the impact of technology on education which led to new opportunities for her in professional sharing and support at her schools and beyond. In addition to her experience as an innovation and technology coach in China and Qatar and an instructional coach in the United States, Diana is a facilitator and mentor for The Coach microcredential at Eduro Learning. She has also facilitated the COETAIL 9 cohort and additional workshops on innovation and coaching at conferences such as Learning 2.0 and 21st Century Learning. After nine years abroad, Diana has returned to the United States and is currently in Denver, Colorado. Read more about her growth and experience at dianabeabout.mystrikingly.com.

Lissa Layman

Lissa was part of the Online 13-14 cohort and joined the Eduro Learning team as the COETAIL Director in 2017. She loves that her role has expanded to Eduro’s Director of Curriculum & Instruction which has allowed her to support the redefinition of professional learning and impact teaching and learning around the world. Lissa enjoys exploring how we might best use social media to share what’s happening at Eduro and connect with our diverse audience.  

During the Online 12 cohort, she focused on updating our COETAIL curriculum. With this newest evolution of COETAIL, we are authentically embedding opportunities for COETAILers to engage with the themes of diversity and social justice in order to better serve ALL learners in their classrooms. 

Lissa lives in Beijing with her husband.

Eduro Learning

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COETAIL Program Overview

COETAIL is a 5-course certificate designed by, and for, educators. Grounded in the ISTE Standards and following a cohort model, COETAILers become 'empowered professionals' and 'learning catalysts' in an authentic, practical, project-based learning environment.

COETAIL Online 13

Course 1: Ourselves as Learners

Course 2: Literacy in Today's World

Course 3: Visual Literacy: Effective Collaborators & Communicators

Course 4: Learner-Driven Instruction

Course 5: Alive in the Classroom: Application of Innovative Pedagogy

Peek inside the COETAIL experience!


Reflective Blog




Weeks of Course Content Learning


Educators Added to Your Network

Course Schedule

Orientation: Feb 8 - Feb 14, 2021

Course 1: Feb 15 - Apr 4, 2021

Course 2: Apr 12 - May 31, 2021

Course 3: Aug 30 - Oct 17, 2021

Course 4: Oct 25 - Dec 12, 2021

Course 5: Jan 24 - May 15, 2022

Your Program, Your Journey

Stackable Certificates

Choose one, two, or all three!


Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy

Designed by, and for, educators and grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators, COETAIL participants become empowered professionals and learning catalysts in an authentic, practical, project-based learning environment.

US$600 per course

  • 100% online via coetail.com
  • 5 courses
  • 1 blog
  • 1.5 years blog hosting (+$50)
  • Dedicated COETAIL Facilitator
  • Completion Certificate for 250 hours of Professional Development
  • $200 non-refundable orientation fee, deducted from Course 5
  • Payment spread out over duration of program
  • Alternative payment plans available by arrangement


Google for Education Certified Trainer

Combine your expertise in Google tools with your love of helping others. Become a Certified Trainer to support educators as they redefine learning with technology. Certified Trainer Program

US$600 per course

  • Includes everything in COETAIL as well as...
  • Integrated Google for Education Trainer content
  • Option for stackable certificate via Google for Education Trainer Exam (Extra cost approx. $25-$40) 


Continuing Education Credits

Need credits to re-certify but don’t want any additional work? Receive a COETAIL certificate of completion as well as 21 quarter credits from Heritage Institute in conjunction with Antioch University. All courses are 500 level credits. 

US$850 per course

  • Includes everything in COETAIL as well as...
  • 21 Continuing Education Credits through Heritage Institute