Did you end last academic year feeling...

  • overwhelmed & stressed by all the new tools you were expected to use in your classroom?
  • pressured to know how to do everything tech-wise before your students tried something new?
  • frustrated by a lack of time to innovate or restructure learning in your classroom?

Are you ready to

  • feel confident & excited about those new tools you’re expected to use in your classroom?
  • learn how to leverage classroom time to try new tools with your students?
  • engage your students in feeling ownership over their own learning - that allows you to facilitate without getting stressed?
  • manage all the devices, apps and tools in your classroom with ease?
  • feel connected to a community of like-minded educators who are leveraging technology for learning in innovative ways around the world?

Over the last year and a half we've all had to try a lot of new things, and we know there are probably more to come.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by it all, this FREE workshop is designed for you!

The half-hour workshop is organized into 3 sections ...

  • Making the Mindset Shift to Tech-Rich Learning: The foundational strategy that will enable you try new tools in your classroom with ease and confidence!
  • Key Strategies for Stress-Free Tech-Rich Learning: Four essential strategies you can use in your classroom immediately - with little to no preparation - to start bringing in new tools with no stress!
  • Continuing Your Learning: Once you've gotten started with these new strategies and frameworks, keep that motivation going!

This self-paced workshop is:

  • Available right now! I know how busy educators are - we don't always have the time to schedule in a live workshop - so you can watch (and replay) this one, whenever you're ready! As soon as you register, you'll be taken straight to the workshop page where you can see the workshop immediately!
  • Chunked into 3 sections with handy timestamps for you to jump to the section you're interested in - and you can pause and replay any section any time.
  • Designed for all educators - you'll find specific skills and strategies you can apply immediately!

BONUS: When you register, you'll also receive an email with the printable (and editable Google Docs) worksheets to use as reflection prompts throughout the workshop.

Hi! I'm Kim!

I'm the founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, host of the #coachbetter podcast & creator of Women Who Lead, The Coach and The Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy (COETAIL).

As a coach to educators around the world, I know that tech can be a constant source of frustration. And when you're trying to do everything like an expert from the start, it feels completely overwhelming. Between teaching in my own classroom and coaching others, I have learned a ton of strategies to take the stress out of tech - and built an entire online Certification program around those frameworks (COETAIL).

That's why I'm excited to share this workshop with you today. I'm sharing specific strategies and skills to you can use in your classroom immediately to bring on new, innovative and engaging tech tools without any of the stress!

And the best part is, you can watch right now! I know how busy educators are, so you don't have to wait and find just the right time to participate. Click the button below and begin your training right now!