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Do you want to feel more confident and inspired in your role as a coach? 

Do you want to connect with the leaders in your school to create a coaching culture?

Do you want to leverage your personal professional growth with a mentor who focuses on your priorities?

Do you pride yourself on being up to date in research and current thinking on best practice for coaches? 

Are you ready to extend your network to include coaches from around the world? 

Then the Coach Microcredential mentorship program from Eduro Learning is for YOU!

Join now to begin your Coaching Fundamentals pre-course today!

  • Registration ends: 21 March 2021
  • The Coach Microcredential Program begins: 3 May 2021
  • The Coach Microcredential Program ends: 24 April 2022

What do our current The Coach Microcredential participants say? 

Hear from an Innovation Coach ...

Hear from a Learning Support Specialist ...

Hear from a Digital Learning Coach ...

Hear from a Middle School Technology Coach ...

Hear from a MYP Coordinator / Learning Design Coach ...

Hear from an Elementary School Tech Integrator ...

Hear from a G4 Classroom Teacher ...

Hear from an ES Tech Leader ...

Hear from a Edtech Coach ...

Hear from a Middle School Technology Coach ...

Who is The Coach Microcredential For? 

  • Instructional Coaches
  • Learning Coaches
  • Aspiring Coaches
  • Beginning Coaches
  • Experienced Coaches
  • Heads of Departments
  • Curriculum/Program Leaders
  • Aspiring School Leaders 
  • School Leaders
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers

Whatever your job title is,

The Coach Microcredential is perfect for ... 

anyone in a coaching role!

What is The Coach Microcredential? 









Our Premium Mentor, Kim, walks you through each element in this short video! 

Here's what you get in The Coach Microcredential 

Number 1


All our best coaching content in one place! 

Designed by coaches for coaches. Our content has been created and curated specifically to help you take that next step in your coaching journey.

Course Content includes:  

Resources curated from the top researchers in instructional coaching including Jim Knight, Elena Aguilar, Diane Sweeney, Joellen Killion, Steve Barkley. 

Weekly video created by our mentors highlighting the key themes for your learning.

Key resources for each theme selected by our mentors

Practical and relevant action tasks for you to apply your learning within your school context.

Private online course forums for reflection, sharing and feedback from coaching cohort and your mentor.

*Lifetime access to the course content and any updates.

Number 2


Your Mentors Kim and Diana

Weekly check-ins with Diana (Academy option) or Kim (Premium option) 

As many hangouts (or skype calls) as you feel you need on a weekly or every other week basis. Your mentor is not just for the course content, but everything that is going on in your coaching role and beyond. Your coach will be your sounding board for anything you need during the academic year! 

Frequently Asked Questions with our Mentors

Number 3


Slack Private Group

Perfect for you to message your mentor in real-time and get support right as you need it!  

Plus, all other cohort participants are members, so you can connect with everyone on a personal level right away!

Number 4


Join our community of Instructional Coaches that connects international, public and private schools from around the world. 

Expand your personal learning network to include your coaching cohort colleagues. Stay connected beyond the microcredential online mentorship program!

The Coach Infographic

Meet THE COACH Mentors 


Premium Mentor Kim Cofino

“I absolutely love what I do to support my coaching colleagues. I’m honored to be the premium package mentor for The Coach Microcredential and I’m looking forward to working side by side with you! ”



Academy Mentor Diana Beabout

“Having coaching skills, strategies and mindsets benefit us all in providing the best learning environment for our students…and for us as educators. For this reason, I am excited to be the academy package mentor for The Coach Microcredential.”


The Honor Package is the right option for you!


Private Mentoring is the right option for you!

What's Inside The Coach?

The Coach Microcredential program includes 26 weeks of course content learning (divided into 8 key themes for successful instructional coaching) which enable you to immediately implement your learning within your own school setting. 

  • LMS Tutorial Videos

Early Bird Bonus Content (only available if you purchase Early Bird Registration)

  • Coaching For Tech-Rich Learning
  • Make Any Unit Technology-Rich (Instructional Coaches)

Access content as soon as you register

You might notice that we’ve planned for a summer break, that’s because we’re teachers too! We have strategically scheduled this program to start with the introductions and logistics during this academic year (with two quick and easy topics in May). and then a summer break, so that we can get started without wasting any time at the beginning of next academic year”

Coaching Fundamentals (Optional Pre-Course)

  • Defining the Role of the Coach
  • Coaching in Practice
  • Exploring Coaching Models

Official Cohort Start Date: 3 May 2021

Getting Started with your Microcredential

  • Welcome to The Coach Microcredential
  • Private Course Forum: #coachbetter
  • The Personal Project Overview

Starting and Growing Your Personal Learning Network 

  • What is a PLN?
  • Building Your PLN
  • PLN Making it Work!

Suggested Summer Break: 21 June - 15 August 2021

Coaching Essentials 

  • What Instructional Coaching Looks Like in Practice
  • How to Have a Coaching Conversation
  • Essential Skills For Coaches

Coaching: From Theory to Practice

  • What is Coaching? (Coaching as Leadership)
  • Why do Schools Need Coaches?
  • How do Coaches Work? (Learning from Coaching Styles)
  • What Challenges do Coaches Face?
  • Coaching for School-Wide Change (Coaching to Develop Leaders 

Suggested Break: 18 - 24 October 2021

Personal Project Preparation (Mid-point)

  • Personal Project: Mid-point Forum Reflection
  • Personal Project: Mid-point Resource Review
  • Personal Project: Mid-point Video Reflection

Innovative Pedagogical Approaches

  • Learning Looks Different Now
  • Making it Work
  • Authentic Audience

Suggested Break: 14 December 2021 - 10 January 2022

Coaching Foundations: Structures for Success

  • Coaching Foundations: The Coach Approach
  • Coaching Foundations: The Coaching Cycle
  • Coaching Foundations: Coaching Models

Leading the Digital Shift: Technology for Leaders

  • Developing a Shared Vision of Technology for Learning
  • Cultivating a Culture of Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment
  • Holding the Learning Community Accountable 

Suggested Break: 21 - 27 February 2021

Supporting Your Parent Community

  • Engaging Your Parent Community
  • Leading Parent Learning
  • Partnering with Parents: Conversations for Deeper Learning

The Personal Project

  • Getting Started: What is the Personal Project?
  • Completing Your Project
  • Sharing Your Personal Project & Final Reflections

Complete Your Microcredential Program

  • Submit Your Work for Final Evaluation
  • Feedback from You, For Us!

The Coach Microcredential Mentorship Program Ends: 24 April 2022

Become an Eduro Learning Certified Instructional Coach today! 

Sample: Coach Microcredential Certificate

Why Do Coaches Need a Coach? 

There is a "professionl development gap" that seems to happen for instructional coaches - the gap between the expectations of, and the support for, the coaching role. 

The Coach Microcredential mentors, Kim and Diana discuss and share their insights about "the gap" and how instructional coaches are impacted.

Get a glimpse of the kinds of conversations our mentors are having in our YouTube series about instructional coaching. As a participant in The Coach Microcredential, you’ll be joining this community of international technology coaches, and participating in these types of deep learning conversations.

What do our Graduates say about The Coach Microcredential Program?

The Coach MC program quote - Jennifer Chambers
The Coach MC program quote - Camlyn Tafa
Jana's Quote
Nadia's Quote




No Mentor

Focused, deeper, meaningful PD that can be directly applied to your classroom immediately.

Private online learning communities include customized integrated forum discussion boards for deeper learning, slack workspace for quick connections, and specialized FB groups for community building.

Become part of the Eduro Learning community of engaged, professional educators.

Self-paced, choose the order of the courses & learn at your own pace.

For those who do not need re-certification credits.

Certificate of completion issued upon request.

NO Clock Hours/CEC credits available with this option




Diana Beabout

Includes everything in Honor as well as …

Small Group Mentorship

Personalize your goals: as you design a learning plan with the small group mentor.

Regular feedback from your mentor includes organized small group hangouts, live video Q&As, and personal check-in emails.

Personalized Certificate issued upon completion of your microcredential.

Clock Hours/CEC Credits via Heritage/Antioch University available at extra cost.



Kim Cofino

Includes everything in Academy as well as ...

Private Mentorship with a Limited Number of Spaces!

Your private mentor is Kim, an Eduro Learning Founder and an author of the microcredential courses.

Clock Hours/CEC Credits via Heritage/Antioch University available at extra cost.



Plan 1: Payable over 2 months (20% non-refundable initial deposit required) Plan 2: Payable over 3 months (10% non-refundable initial deposit required)  

We are flexible and here to help - so if neither plan quite suits, just ask us about an alternative!

Want to organize payment plan?

Is your school funding your PD and you need an invoice?

Do you need to purchase for more than one person?

Need another question answered?

More Testimonials

It’s always worth to spend money for professional development. The outcome and the learning depend on your effort and willingness to dig deeper. I like that Eduro Learning gives me a curation of different and reliable resources. The options regarding the action tasks give a lot of room for personification and with this ownership of your learning. It’s an advantage to learn from educators who are experienced and very knowledgeable.  

Verena Zimmer Educational Technology Coach

It’s a fresh, flexible, and adaptable program that changes your perspective on what you can do in the classroom. Not only is the micro-credential taught by international educators who have their finger on the pulse of innovation and best practice but the cohorts are also made up of teachers all over the globe who share their own diverse set of experiences. You’ll quickly see the benefits once you start to grow your PLN, make authentic connections, and sharpen your communication and collaboration skills.  

Nick Garvin International School Educator

I highly recommend the Coach Microcredential program to other educators. I enjoyed and gained knowledge about various topics throughout the program. The program was fully accessible in term of language and presentations for a participant whose English as a second language. The self-pace option of the program was fine for a full-time school staff member.

Sudha Rajouria Elementary Technology Integration Specialist 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Coach Microcredential Program for 2020 start and finish?

The Coach Microcredential program for 2021 officially starts 3 May 2021. (You get access to the program content as soon as you register/purchase.) The official completion date for this cohort is 24 April 2022. 

Are there any scheduled breaks during The Coach Microcredential program? 

Yes! We always schedule in "suggested break times" as well as "suggested timeframes" for each course within the program. Apart from the official start date and official end date for the cohort, the break schedule is flexible to best suit your needs!

Our flexible "suggested break schedule" for the 2021 cohort is: 

Summer Break: 21 June - 15 Aug 2021
Suggested Break: 18 - 24 Oct 2021
Suggested Break: 14 Dec 2021 - 10 Jan 2022
Suggested Break: 21 Feb - 27 Feb 2022

 If your school breaks are different to these ones, you are free to change when you take a well-earned break!

Do you have a payment plans available for The Coach Microcredential program options?

Yes we do! The Honor, Academy and Premium options all have a payment plan option.

Plan 1: Payable over 2 months (20% non-refundable initial deposit required) Plan 2: Payable over 3 months (10% non-refundable initial deposit required)

We are flexible and here to help - so if neither plan quite suits, just ask us about an alternative!  

Please fill out our CONTACT US section above

How long do I have access to The Coach Microcredential program and all its content?

How's does *unlimited access sound? As soon as you purchase The Coach Microcredential Program you have unlimited access to its content (and any updates!) or as long as you like - across any & all devices you own.

*Unlimited access: You will always have access to the content (& any updates) for as long as we continue to offer this type of program. 

Can I get Clock Hours and/or Continuing Education Quarter Credits for The Coach Microcredential Program? 

Only the Academy and Premium packages have clock hours and/or continuing education quarter credits (CEC) available at an extra cost - let your mentor know that you are interested in gaining credits and/or clock hours.  

Please note: The Honor package does NOT offer the option for clock hours and/or continuing education quarter credits.  

The Heritage Institute continuing education quarter credits are awarded through Antioch University Seattle at the 400 and 500 levels. Call 1800/445-1305 or log onto policies page for more information.  

Antioch University Seattle’s Continuing Education Quarter Credits are acceptable in most states for teaching certificate renewal and salary advancement. Prior to registering for a course we recommend you seek approval from your state office of education or school district Human Resources department as many state and district requirements are unique.  

The Heritage Institute offers Continuing Education Quarter Credits. Quarter Credits translate into Semester Credits as follows: 1 Quarter Credit = 0.6 semester credits 2 Quarter Credits = 1.33 semester credits 3 Quarter Credits = 2.00 semester credits 4 Quarter Credits = 2.66 semester credits 5 Quarter Credits = 3.33 semester credits 6 Quarter Credits = 4.00 semester credits Heritage have a limit of 90 Washington State Clock Hours, Oregon (Professional Development Units) PDUs or (Continuing Education Units) CEUs in the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters and 150 hours for the Summer Quarter.  

Antioch University Seattle does not award letter grades. Credits are awarded on a credit/no credit basis with credit awarded at the 400 level equivalent to a grade of "C" or higher, and credit awarded at the 500 level being equivalent to a grade of "B" or higher. This is stated on the back of the Antioch transcript. Continuing Education Quarter Credits are awarded by Antioch University Seattle (AUS). AUS requires 75% or better for credit at the 400 level and 85% or better to issue credit at the 500 level. These criteria refer both to the amount and quality of work submitted.  

In order to get the most from your courses, you may take a maximum of 9 Quarter Credits each in the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters and 15 Quarter Credits for Summer Quarter. There is an annual limit of 25 Quarter Credits per individual during any one-year period. 

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