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Are you ready to make a bigger impact in your school setting this academic year?

Does it feel like something is just not working in your coaching program, but you can't figure out what it is? ?

Is it time to maximize the coaching you've been doing to build a thriving coaching culture within your school?


After working with coaches & leaders around the world for the last 5 years, I've learned that there are 3 key elements necessary to create a thriving coaching culture in all school settings (and a process to follow to get there). But, most schools are missing one of the key elements - and they don’t even realize it!

In this webinar, you’ll learn exactly what’s needed to create a thriving coaching culture AND get the tools to identify the gaps in your coaching program so you can take action immediately!

During the webinar, we'll talk about ...

  • How to identify exactly what your school needs to create a thriving coaching culture.
  • The 14 essential elements necessary to make coaching a success in any school setting.
  • What successful coaching culture looks like at schools around the world.
  • How you can leverage your coaching skills to make a bigger impact in your school setting.
  • How you can get connected with a global network of coaches actively building a thriving coaching culture in their schools too!

This 45-min live webinar is:

  • Offered multiple times so you can find the timing that works best for you!
  • Practical and interactive - you can map out exactly what your school needs within the 45 minute session!
  • Designed for both growing and aspiring coaches and all learning leaders - these elements are key to take your coaching practice to the next level!

BONUS: When you register, you'll also receive an email with the printable (and editable Google Docs) worksheets to use as reflection prompts throughout the workshop.

Hi! I'm Kim!

I'm the founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, host of the #coachbetter podcast & creator of Women Who Lead, The Coach and The Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy (COETAIL).

After 15+ years coaching in international schools, followed by 5 years working 1:1 with educators in schools on every continent (except Antarctica) inside The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program, I’ve realized that there are essential elements that must be in place to truly create a thriving coaching culture. Most schools are missing at least one, but they don’t even realize it! Once you can identify the gaps in your coaching program, there are clear next steps you can take to move forward and develop a true coaching culture.

That's why I'm excited to share this workshop with you today. I'm sharing my top tips from 20 years of experience, plus all the amazing stories from our guests on the #coachbetter podcast, and the experiences of our clients inside The Coach so you can jump straight to success in your coaching practice!

This is live workshop, so you'll be able to ask questions, and chat with me about how these strategies might work best in YOUR classroom!