Do you struggle with impostor syndrome?

Do you find yourself frequently thinking that you're not experienced / knowledgeable / skilled enough to be a leader?

Is it time for you to embrace your leadership potential?

So many instructional coaches, and informal leaders in schools, struggle to see the way that YOU'RE already demonstrating leadership capacity.

This FREE workshop is designed for you!

The half-hour workshop is organized into 3 sections ...

  • Recognizing the Ways You're Already a Leader, As a Coach: Ten key skills you're currently developing as a coach (or a future coach) that will serve you well in any leadership capacity.
  • Preparing for the Leadership Elements of Coaching: Five strategies you can start to apply right now to prepare yourself for the leadership aspects of a coaching role.
  • Being Intentional About Your PD: Three reasons why you might want to pay close attention to the professional learning choices you make in the next academic year.

This self-paced workshop is:

  • Available right now! I know how busy educators are - we don't always have the time to schedule in a live workshop - so you can watch (and replay) this one, whenever you're ready!
  • Chunked into 3 sections with handy timestamps for you to jump to the section you're interested in - and you can pause and replay any section any time.
  • Designed for coaches, aspiring coaches, and aspiring leaders in all educational contexts - you'll find specific skills and strategies you can apply immediately!

BONUS: When you register, you'll also receive an email with the printable (and editable Google Docs) worksheets to use as reflection prompts throughout the workshop.

Hi! I'm Kim!

I'm the founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, host of the #coachbetter podcast & creator of Women Who Lead, The Coach and COETAIL.

As the owner of my own business, I often call myself a "reluctant CEO" because I never had any intention to become a leader.... But after hosting the #coachbetter podcast for 4 years, conducting the Women Who Lead interviews, and working with educators around the world in The Coach Certificate Program and our Private Mentoring packages, I realize that being an instructional coach in international schools for over 20 years taught me a lot about leadership. Many of the lessons I learned, and those that are shared within our Certificate programs are not part of traditional training for educators.

That's why I'm excited to share this workshop with you today. I'm sharing specific strategies and skills to help you recognize your own leadership potential and prepare you for that next step in your professional journey!

And the best part is, you can watch right now! I know how busy educators are, so you don't have to wait and find just the right time to participate. Click the button below and begin your training right now!