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Supporting Your Parent Community

Are you a technology-rich school?

Do your students learn in a 1:1 environment?

Do your students have access to laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices on a regular basis?

If so, you might find that parents have concerns or questions about the amount of technology their children use at school. You may be regularly fielding questions from parents who remember what it was like when they went to school and are now unsure about how technology can support and enhance learning.

In our work with parent communities in international schools and public schools around the world over the last 15 years, we have found that many schools benefit from ongoing parent professional development to help them understand the how's and why's of technology for learning. However, not every school has the staffing, timing, or resources to manage this kind of long-term training. 

That's where we can help!

Living, learning, and parenting today in a technology-rich world is complicated. The Eduro Learning Parenting in the Digital Age courses offer parents the chance to learn in ways they perhaps never have before. The courses allow parents access to deepen their understanding of how to be a connected learner, and offers up a fresh perspective for them to view the digital context in which their children are learning today. This authentic learning experience is long overdue and something we have found to be very helpful to help parents be more informed members of our school learning community at ZIS. 

- Elizabeth Wargo, Educational Technology and VHS Coordinator, Upper School Zurich International School

Meet The Eduro Team

Eduro Learning is a global educational consulting firm, focusing on transforming learning through the use of technology in the classroom. 

We are passionate about supporting parents in developing the skills, habits and attitudes needed for young learners to be successful in our media-rich world.

At the heart of what we offer is:

  • School-wide, relevant, hands-on, ongoing professional learning experiences for teachers and administrators designed with your school’s needs in mind;
  • A focus on pedagogy, leading to deep and authentic learning experiences for both teachers and students - it’s more than just the tools;
  • Experiences that engage, empower and inspire all stakeholders to build a collaborative learning community; and
  • A global perspective and over 80 combined years experience in sharing best practices. 

Customizable Package Options

Because we offer custom designed, participant driven, pedagogy focused, technology-rich professional development, we can create, tailor and/or customize content and delivery to best suit the needs of your district or school. 

Examples of customized packages that have worked for other schools include: 

  • Full consultation package which includes Eduro Facilitators on-site, plus full access to online courses.
  • Full access to online courses using a cohort model plus two (2) Eduro facilitated on-site parent information sessions.
  • Online course cohort module, facilitated by your school’s own staff.

Let us customizing options specifically for you and your school!

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