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Are you a new or aspiring instructional coach curious about being prepared for your role?

Are you wondering about how you...

  • might be an influential leader in your role?
  • should build intentional relationships with all teachers?
  • can influence teacher practice through coaching conversations?
  • will work effectively with your school leaders?
  • can advocate for your role, with both teachers and leadership?
  • might manage your time and prioritize your tasks as coach with no formal teaching schedule?
  • can be successful in your first year as a coach?

This workshop is for YOU!


Making the move to an instructional coaching position is very exciting!

You get the opportunity to work with so many different teachers and classrooms, and be part of big picture conversations around teaching and learning to support professional growth in your community.

But… it’s a role that has a steep learning curve.

You’re expected to:

  • lead without being a formal leader;
  • see the big picture, often without having all the puzzle pieces;
  • inspire your colleagues without having a class of your own; and
  • be the connection between teachers and leaders, without really being part of either team.

In international schools, this can be even more challenging because of frequent staff turnover and lack of clarity and consistency in vision.

Being a coach can feel like you’re in the “messy middle” because you’re no longer in the classroom with really clearly defined expectations, but you’re also not a school leader, with clearly defined authority.

You are learning and building new leadership skills that stem from your expertise as a classroom teacher, and can definitely be the bridge to a leadership position, but you’re in a gray area as a coach.

It’s not always easy to make this transition, and there are some key strategies you can apply to feel confident, calm and capable - even in your first year as an instructional coach!

Ready to get started?


Learn the 5 Key Skills that ALL Coaches Need to Be Successful

During the workshop, we'll talk about...

  • Your Leadership Mindset: recognizing the power of influential leadership
  • Intentional Relationship Building: learning how to be strategic in developing relationships
  • Coaching Advocacy: understanding the importance of advocating for your role
  • Committing to Conversations: navigating the pacing and format of deep coaching conversations
  • Strategic Time Management: managing your time and your energy as a coach

This 25-min workshop is:

  • Pre-recorded so you can watch when you have time!
  • Practical and interactive - use the workbook to document your next steps!
  • Designed for both growing and aspiring coaches - with plenty of additional resources for your to explore!

BONUS: When you register, you'll also receive an email with the editable (Google Docs) Workbook to use as reflection prompts throughout the workshop.

Hi! I'm Kim!

I'm the founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, host of the #coachbetter podcast & creator of Women Who Lead, The Coach and The Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy (COETAIL).

After 15+ years coaching in international schools, followed by 5 years working 1:1 with educators in schools on every continent (except Antarctica) inside The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program, I know that the transition from the classroom to a coaching role can be overwhelming. The number 1 question I get asked is "how do I get started?"

That's why I'm excited to share this workshop with you today. I'm sharing my top tips from 20 years of experience, plus all the amazing stories from our guests on the #coachbetter podcast, and the experiences of our clients inside The Coach so you can jump straight to success in your coaching practice!

There will be lots of opportunities to connect and interact following the workshop to get additional support, as you need it.