5 Secrets to Successful Instructional Coaching All Coaches & Leaders Need to Know


Are you ready to make a bigger impact in your school setting this academic year?

Have you been struggling to find just the right way to support ALL your teachers with so many different needs?

Is it time to maximize the coaching you've been doing to build a coaching culture within your school?

During this FREE 1-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to ...

  • Articulate and implement a coaching cycle in your school setting
  • Have better coaching conversations
  • Confidently ask just the right questions in your coaching conversations
  • Transition between the many roles of a coach in one conversation or one coaching cycle
  • Build a coaching culture in your context

This self-paced workshop is:

  • Available right now! I know how busy educators are - we don't always have the time to schedule in a live workshop - so you can watch (and replay) this one, whenever you're ready!
  • Chunked into 5 sections with handy timestamps for you to jump to the section you're interested in - and you can pause and replay any section any time.

BONUS: When you register, you'll also receive an email with the printable (and editable Google Docs) worksheets to use as reflection prompts throughout the workshop.

Hi! I'm Kim!

I'm the founder and CEO of Eduro Learning, and the Premium Mentor of The Coach Microcredential Program.

As a teacher and coach in international schools for 15 years, I have been through almost anything and everything you can imagine in a coaching context: large and small scale implementations, working with resistant teachers, getting the parent community on board for big changes, and successfully bringing new curriculum and professional learning into all sorts of school environments.

I had to learn pretty much everything I know about coaching through trial and error as much as I love being a learner, I don't want YOU to have to go through the same challenges.

That's why I'm excited to share this training with you today. I'm sharing my top tips from 15 years of experience, plus all the amazing stories from our guests on the #coachbetter podcast, so you can jump straight to success in your coaching practice!

And the best part is, you can watch right now! I know how busy educators are, so you don't have to wait and find just the right time to participate. Click the button below and begin your training right now!